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The complicated gender history of pink

The color is overwhelmingly associated with delicacy and femininity. That, however, is a recent development. "If you go back to the 18th century, little boys and little girls of...


Epilepsy is personal for 'Hamilton' star

"She wasn't developing on a regular trajectory," said Cervantes, who stars as Alexander Hamilton in the hit musical theater production "Hamilton" in Chicago. Soon after,...


Why gold has that special allure

For millennia, the metal has adorned crowns and hilts of swords. It has been used to enhance paintings and ornaments to increase their value. In some cultures, gold is a...


Nerf guns can pose serious eye risk, doctors warn

But in a report published Monday in the medical journal BMJ Case Reports, doctors warn that popular toy Nerf guns really can put eyes at risk. The case report details three...


Children still being prescribed codeine, despite warnings

Between 2010 and 2015, doctors collected data on more than 350,000 privately insured children up to 18 years old who had undergone those surgical procedures. They monitored the...


How does your child's screen time measure up?

The Parent Curve offers a look at the norms and numbers around tough decisions parents face. Where are you on the curve? The American Academy of Pediatrics warns that overuse of...


Fan sues Cubs, MLB after ball blinds him in one eye

"I am trying to protect others from going through what I and my family are going through," John Loos said at a news conference in Chicago on Monday. During a Chicago...


Beware these Halloween safety ghouls

Cloee Cooper, a research analyst in Boston, remembers it that way. "You get to dress up as someone else, walk all over town, attend haunted house parties and celebrations at...


Orange: The color of warmth and comfort

Frank Sinatra called orange the happiest color. Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky described orange as "red brought nearer to humanity by yellow." It is a sacred color in many...


Cholera cases in Yemen could reach 1 million this year

Alexandre Faite, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross delegation in Yemen, described the scale of the outbreak as "unprecedented" on Friday. Faite said the...


Cancer drugs from chicken eggs may lower costs

They have successfully genetically modified hens to produce eggs containing large amounts of interferon beta protein, a protein used to treat various illnesses, including...

Medill Reports Chicago

Severe storms lab developing remote flash flood sensing system

Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center, the oldest church camp in Oklahoma, hosts more than 50,000 kids and teens who come for summer camp each year. Falls Creek originates from...


SHyNE Resource | Fraser Stoddart: The Man Behind the Celebrity

Researchers and graduate students working in Lab number 2710 of Northwestern University's Department of Chemistry know that their boss likes order. He believes tidiness is a...


SHyNE Resource | 3D printed bone may hold key to treating birth defects and accidents

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that each year, about 2,650 babies are born with a cleft palate and 4,440 babies are born with a cleft lip with or...

Medill Reports Chicago

Building a better tornado warning system

People start trickling into the National Severe Storms Laboratory holding coffee cups and laptops. By 8 a.m., eight people fill a room for the Spring Experiment. The laboratory...


SHyNE Resource | Sodium-Ion Batteries May Power the Next Big Break In Tech

Researchers synthesized selenium nanotubes and used one as the cathode material for a nano battery. The nano battery was placed inside the transmission electron microscope...

Governance Now

Scientist Swati Basu tells how govt is improving weather, disaster forecasts

The ministry of earth sciences (MoES) is one of the youngest - and one of the least talked about - wings of the government. It looks after a myriad of scientific and technical...

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The Energy Times

Energy and Power Company Leaders Meet in Chicago to Call for a Clean Energy Surge

It's time. Energy leaders are calling for a shift to renewable power sources to meet future needs for utility companies, including for Commonwealth Edison Co. "How do you take...